Fatal Accidents

If you have suffered the loss of losing a loved one in a fatal accident , you will need all the support and help you can get. As well as dealing with the emotional distress, finances are often an additional worry.

If an inquest is held into the death of your loved one, we will attend the hearing with you.

An Inquest is an inquiry into the cause and the circumstances which led to the fatal accident, where it was sudden, violent or the cause of death is unknown. It is an investigation but is not about allocating blame.

However, evidence can often be used to support the fatal accident claim and it is therefore important that a lawyer attends the inquest with you.

An Inquest is run by the Coroner who will examine all the evidence and may question witnesses. Family members can attend and be represented at the inquest as an interested party. Your lawyer can put questions to the witnesses.

Surviving dependents of someone who was involved in a fatal accident that was caused wholly or partially by someone else’s fault can make a claim for fatal injury compensation for:-

  • Pain or distress suffered by the deceased before their death as a result of the fatal accident.
  • Financial losses arising from the fatal accident which include loss of financial support, medical expenses, loss of earnings and funeral expenses.

You may claim if you are a:-

  • spouse
  • civil partner
  • partner who has been co-habiting for over two years
  • child or parent of a victim who was under 18 years old

There is a fixed statutory payment of £11,800 for deaths after 1st January 2009 which is payable to a limited class of relatives. This is known as a bereavement payment and is payable to:-

  • spouse
  • civil partner
  • minor to his parents if legitimate
  • minor to his mother if the child was illegitimate

Cohabitees cannot recover this payment.

If you think you may have a fatal accidents compensation claim call Affinity Law on 0116 2627292 for more information and free confidential advice.

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