At Serious Injury Specialists, Affinity Law, we pride ourselves on making a difference. We put client’s needs first, we are professional, caring, understanding, knowledgeable and work extremely hard to achieve a good outcome which is supported by our client’s testimonials on our website.Affinity Law - serious injury compensation solicitor xray image

We strive to make what can be a stressful experience as easy and stress free as possible. We will explain things to you and guide you through the entire process and get you the appropriate support.

What makes us different:

  • We will visit you as often as you need to at home or any other place at your convenience.
  • Our Solicitors are extremely experienced in all areas of personal injury and clinical negligence including brain injuries, amputations, cerebral palsy and other catastrophic injuries.
  • We provide the same high personal service to all our clients whether you have sustained a minor or serious injury.
  • We can arrange rehabilitation to progress your recovery at the earliest opportunity.
  • We have access to very specialised experts to support your case including Brain injury case managers, care experts, occupational therapist and physiotherapists.
  • We have access to a vast range of medical experts in all areas of expertise.
  • We have access to a vast range of non-medical experts such as forensic accountants to support loss of earnings from your business and project loss of business profits as a result of an accident.
  • We operate on a true no win no fee basis and there is therefore nothing for you to lose in pursuing your case


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